Nardi, Brembo, Spada Vetture Sport, Alo's, Dell'Orto and Suomy are just some of the major names from the motor engineering and industrial sectors, who in partnership with Meccaniche Veloci, share that unique Italian style and passion for motor engineering and technological know-how combined with design.


From a partnership with Nardi comes the QuattroValvole Nardi Edition in a limited edition of 50 pieces.


Our collaboration with Brembo – a leading brake system manufacturer worldwide – has given rise to the Quattro Valvole CCM ceramic composite model, made from the same brake discs fitted to top-end super-sports cars.

Spada Vetture Sport

A Quattrovalvole positioned on the dashboard of the Spada Codatronca supercar dictates the entire inner design.

Alo's Cafè

In 2017, taking inspiration from Meccaniche Veloci's unique timepiece design, Alo's Cafe creates a custom Triumph Thruxton R named Alo's Bullet.


Our partnership with Dell'Orto resulted in the production of the History Inc. Quattro Valvole made of Ergal, the same material used for racing car carburettors, now used in Meccaniche Veloci watches.


Thanks to our partnership with Suomy, an Italian leader in the world of helmets for super-sports bikes, the Helmet collection presents a selection of watches with some of the most famous Suomy graphics reproduced for the dials.